Quick Start

When the Octalyzer is first run, it will create an Octalyzer folder in your home directory.

To access disk images (.DSK, .PO, .DO, .NIB) from your local file system, place them in this folder.

You can also drop disk images on to the application window to boot / mount (if already booted) them.

You can use the mouse to control the paddles / joystick, or use a USB gamepad. If a game doesn’t seem to be responding to keyboard control, press the Caps Lock key and try again.

Disks do not currently save changes, so be aware of that!

Useful keys:

  • Control-Shift-` – bring up file catalog at any time. Useful for swapping disks, and inserting / booting new ones.
  • Control-Shift-G – switch between colour HGR / DHGR and Monochrome. This has no effect on low-res modes.
  • Shift-Backspace – Reset (Break)
  • Control-Shift-Backspace – Reboot


  • Option+Cursor Keys – orbit around model up, down, left and right
  • Control-Option+Cursor Keys – Shift model up, down, left and right
  • Shift-Option+Cursor Keys – Zoom in and out, rotate left and right

The Octalyzer starts up in windowed mode by default, if you would like to use it in full-screen, use the -fullscreen flag or press alt-enter.