Thank you for downloading the technology preview of the Octalyzer! Enhancements are coming all the time — but don’t worry, the Octalyzer is auto-updating so you’ll never miss a beat.


Currently the Octalyzer features full-screen Apple IIe emulation with decent compatibility, USB and mouse-controlled joystick support, cloud disk library (when logged-in to Octa-Link), 3D camera support, 3D LOGO, enhanced BASIC interpreters, custom file browser and editor, and remote screen sharing.


Check out the Quick Start page for some tips and basic control keys.


macOS / OSX (64-bit, 10.8 or newer)

Windows (32-bit)

Windows (64-bit)

Linux (32-bit, needs PortAudio)

Linux (64-bit, needs PortAudio)


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