Introducing the Octalyzer, an innovative new all-in-one platform for exploring computing history, starting with the Apple II! The Octalyzer is a multi-tasking Apple IIe emulator, with enhanced (but compatible) language interpreters, expanded modern capabilities, and (eventually) an integrated on-line bulletin-board system and media library for exploring computing’s past with all the comforts of the present.

The next generation of emulators, the Octalyzer hopes to encourage learning and creativity by eliminating barriers and providing incentives for our users to collaborate and code. We believe that fostering a good understanding of the roots of modern technology is critical to the development of our future IT professionals, and the Octalyzer is intended to (eventually) do just that:


* Discover a wealth of 1980s computer software in an
  easy-to-navigate environment.
* Learn to code in pioneering educational languages
  through a fun interactive storyline.
* Write new programs or enhance classic ones with
  modern functions and commands.
* Read vintage computing books and magazines, and
  watch new and period videos.
* Play both classic and modern styled, retro-inspired
  games with new friends on-line.
* Create 8-bit graphics and music; interact /
  collaborate with others; and share.
* Designed with modern youth in mind, with special
  attention given to aesthetics and usability.
* Improvements include 3D graphics, camera control
  and more to modernise vintage gameplay.

It’s a “fantasy console” with its roots firmly grounded in history! (The Apple II meets PICO-8)


The Octalyzer is still in early development, but you can try it out now! You can get MacOS, Linux and Windows versions in the Download area.